Placement of Foreign Teachers

  The SEAIE, from its beginning, has been a priority service, both in the quality of our teaching and in how we look after the foreign teachers we bring to China. A major goal set by the Chinese government was that everyone should be offered nine years of free education, starting with children in rural areas by 2010, and in the entire country by 2015. To meet its economic development goals, China requires primary and middle school students to study English beginning in fourth grade in urban areas, and seventh grade in rural areas. Currently, there is a country-wide shortage of over 500,000 English teachers. To promote foreign language teaching in schools and institutions in Sichuan, the SEAIE has cooperated with various international organizations and agencies developing foreign teachers and teacher interns projects:

  US-China Friendship Volunteers Program (USCFV)

  Professional Teachers’ Program

  International TEFL/TESOL Internship Program